Christmas Truck- E4

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This nostalgic Christmas sign is sure to put a smile on it’s beholders face. And if it’s visual sentiment wasn’t enough, it is crafted from century old tin, reclaimed from a grain elevator in small town Casey, IA. It's rustic charm makes it a fun decor piece both indoors and outdoors!

This and every sign we create is carefully made from scratch in our small hometown shop. It is sure to be an impressive piece for years to come. All of our barn boards and rustic steel is reclaimed from local grain elevators and barns that were built 100+ years ago. To have the materials that were once used by our ancestors to build their dreams, adds even more significance and small town charm to our signs. 

Due to the uniqueness of our reclaimed materials, each piece will vary slightly.

Height 15 inches

Width 26 inches

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