Custom sign sizing guide

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So you’re wanting a custom sign made , whether it be for a wedding , a farm / estate or commemorative piece. But you’re not sure on the dimensions. But you’re sure that you want it to be wider than it is tall or maybe longer than it is wide. Basically rectangular shaped or ovular.  We can help ! The best tool designers use for dimensions on decorative pieces is called the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a designer’s formula to set dimensions on pieces that will enable them to appear balanced and pleasing to the eye. 

So the easiest way to get the base dimensions is to take the larger of the two lengths whether it be height or width of your piece and divide that measurement by 1.618 to get the smaller dimension. 

example : I’m wanting a larger farm sign that will be 48”. Big enough to be seen from the driveway but still manageable to install. 

48 divided by 1.618 = 29. 66

Now we round to the nearest quarter inch which would be 29.75 “ or 29 3/4” 

so the good , balanced , rectangular base measurements for my sign should stay around 29.75” x 48” 

furthermore 29.75 x 48 = 1428 

1428 divided by 144 is 9.91 which is rounded to 9.9 for the square footage